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Art Statement by Margriet Seinen

About My Silk Paintings

The subject matter of my paintings involves, among other things, the joy of being alive in nature. Dancers express through gesture the essential dance of other life forms with whom they share the planet in a unity of being.

The figures are usually women because I paint my own experince as a woman.

Many of my pieces incorporate both fantasy and reality, both the literal and the abstract.

I also sometimes paint completely improvisational pieces, not doing a drawing at all.

Another thing I enjoy is mimicking another artist such as Gustav Klimt or Robert Hart Benson.

Then there are pieces I call 'landscapes of the heart, ... sometimes therapy, and sometimes simply a moment of love such as "The Kiss".

How it all began:

About 24 years ago, 1982, while building a new home, I needed a craft to keep me from being endlessly annoying to those around me. Hence! ... I found some silk dyes and resist in a shop and without any instruction set out to temporarily paint a pretty design or two.

This dalliance turned into an irreversable addiction. I painted pillow covers, scarves, wall hangings, and clothing. Today I do only framed "fine art" paintings.

Since then I continue to self teach, but do owe some skill to two weekend classes I took with Natasha Fouko, a California silk artist.

My work has been shown in galleries in The Netherlands, Vancouver, BC., Washington, Oregon, Calfornia, Florida, and New York City.

Two of my pieces are published in "The Best of Silk Painting" by Janas and Tuckman, 1994.

Inspiration and Process

I see the world of wild flora as a garden of distinct and separate dancers each bursting with pride in being, for no reason except to be itself and to glory in it ....... leaves, flowers, stems reaching up like hands to the heat and light.

Making pictures is freezing a liquid moment in time; a way to hold and keep a feeling, a vision, a reference to a valued state of mind.

Painting pictures makes me happy.
I enjoy the challenge of trying to express what I intend.
I like the surprise of the unexpected as I work on a piece.
And there is the satisfaction of sharing something I have made that is unique and genuine.

Color is joy and pain, it is seen intuitively before it is mixed, as soon as one color is manifest it longs for another.
Line is a caress, a dance, a daring leap, a delicate nuance, and each part of a painting relates in some way to every other part.

There is much on the planet to admire and more to express that can ever be said. To be fortunate enough to work from the heart and have visions that are beyond being realized is to be fully blessed.

For more information email me : Margriet.