February 20-21-22 2015 Friday, Saturday and Sunday

10:00 - 5:00 At IMAGINE art studio (CR building) Sprowel Creek Road, Garberville

Once again, I am planning a three day class to paint a mandala on silk. A mandala is a circular geometrically harmonious design. Sounds difficult? No! Each step is guided and suits both beginners and experienced artists.The size of the finished piece will be 23"x23".

We will begin with a slide show, then a guided visuallization to find a personal healing image, then a simple drawing. After that we will duplicate the image, draw and divide a circle, cut and paste and the basic design is done. Of course many magical things happen along the way.

Painting this design on silk is the next adventure. We will learn to use gutta resist to draw the lines of the design, then to fill in with liquid dyes, learning color mixing and blending along the way.

Each day will begin with a meditation to focus energy and also added to the nature of the class are each person's fresh ideas and interchange.

The INSTRUCTOR is MARGRIET SEINEN who has been painting on silk for 32 years. Her work can be seen at the Mateel Art Gallery in Garberville and at her website (there are also mandala class photos on the site).

The cost of the class is $200 and includes all silk, dyes and resist. Please enclose a check made out to Margriet Seinen (Box 639, Redway CA 95560) for the full amount or a deposit of at least $50 to hold your space, preferably 2 weeks prior to the class. Thank you.

Questions?? Call 923-2930 or email:

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PO Box 639 , Redway, CA 95560

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